Monday, 11 January 2010

47 degrees celsius

Well,  I haven't seen the snake again.   I hope that it's found its way home...  

It's been really hot.  The weather report included a warning of catastrophic fire danger.  I live in the town,  but for those who live out in the bush or among trees, this is the warning for people to leave home and go to safety for the day, in case of fire.

I have been outside to chec the garden.  The thermometer in the shade shows 47C (that's 118F) and it is very windy.  It is a very strange day.

The bean plants are cooking.  The leaves go dry and crispy in this weather... it'll be interesting to see how much of them survives....

...these are cooked and still green.  That happens sometimes.  They are completely dehydrated and crispy too.

The bush with the purple flowers...  crispy too.

One poor tomato plant cameout from under the shadecloth.  The others are wilted,  but I'm hoping that the leaves on this one survive too.

Today is not a good day to be gardening.
I am sitting in the kitchen (where it is about 35C now) and we are waiting for the storms that are supposed to arrive tonight.  Predictions are for thunder and lightning (not good for the fire problem) and some rain,  but I won't hold my breath.  Adelaide may get some,  but I don't know about here.

Tonight I will be attending a meeting of the Wakefield Branch of the South Australian Green Party.  I am the branch secretary again this year.  One hopes that the political track might make a difference,  but sometimes one despairs.  There must be a better way to tackle global heating!

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