Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bicycle trip to the council

I was picked up early for a trip to Eudunda this morning.  There was a small meeting to work on the policy review.  It was productive as far as the work programme went,  but it was also good to see the countryside after that little bit  of rain overnight.  In Kapunda we had had 8mm in the previous 24 hours,  and I assume that the hills on the road to Eudunda (about 20 minutes north of home) had something similar... no green shoots yet,  but it certainly settled the dust.

This afternoon I have a meeting at the council (Audit committee) and that should be a fairly efficient (short) affair also.  I have been on the audit committee for the past couple of years and I have learned a lot.  I have always been able to manage the money and the wealth of my household very well,  but it’s only now that I understand that this is due to my accrual accounting and conservative treasury policy.  I am quite pleased with having worked this out for myself, and the fact that it is useful in other situations.

Today marks another step along the way also.  I rode my bicycle to the council meeting. I park it in the foyer....

The photographs along the wall show the councillors and some of the senior staff at the council  (I am second from the left on the lower row :)
I used to ride to meetings last winter,  but got well and truly out of the habit when I was away from home and it’s hard to get back into it when the temperature is very high.  It’s a matter of fitness,  I know and it’s not a good idea to begin any extra exercise in the middle of summer.  Today was sunny and warm,  though not too hot... hence I’m back on the bike.  I used to ride my bike all over town, and with the basket on the back,  I can go to the grocery shop and bring back whatever we need... all for no fuel cost.

I also cheated with my drawing today...

I did this in the council chamber while waiting for some of the others to arrive.  It is the carafe of water (yes,  we get water at council meetings) that was sitting in my spot.  It's hard to draw such things symmetrically, and this is not terribly good... but I had to stop as the meeting was called to order!

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