Monday, 25 January 2010

Busy summer days

It's been a busy couple of days and there is more to go.
I have bottled quite a few peaches... and there are more to go...  these are the really big jars... same diameter as the otheres but very tall,  and tricky to process.  I found these jars in a second hand shop in Nuriootpa, and they are great.  Next time we have a bigger group of people than jsut us for dinner,  there will be peaches for dessert....  a big jar!

There is more fruit at this time of year too.   Tricky to have all of the preserving turning up at the same time as Christmas,  New Year and Australia Day!    Busy, busy, busy....

I meant to put another little garden note on here too... yesterday,  but the time got right away from me.
These are cucumber plants.  I have had good luck with these in the past, and they are a better salad option for hot weather...  lettuces don't do well in the heat,  but cucumbers make a better salad anyway, and fresh, they are sooo  sweet.  These are quite small and should be further ahead, but as just about everyone knows,  I was away from home at the time that they should have been planted, so it's all a bit late.... even that is interesting as I've missed a lot of the earwig damage that seems to occur earlier in the season.  Perhaps there is some advantage in succession plantings?
Anyway,  here are the cucumbers....

... but on the other side of the row,  there are a few more that have been ring-barked by the slaters (carpenters/roly pollies... sp?)

... hard to see,  but the ones that are lying down are well and truly ring-barked.   They seem to attack the main stem at ground level.  I leave them there because the little buggers will be back in the night and hopefully they'll be satisfied with the same plants... they don't seem to have found the other row!!!

All of these things are worth watching, as my main aim is to produce food for myself,  not necessarily a trendy garden or even a neat and tidy row of cucumber plants.

The other big news of the week is here....   in the Leader (Angaston newspaper)....

... and yes,  I am running in the state election for Stuart....  again.   Stay tuned!

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Love the newspaper article.