Friday, 29 January 2010


Yesterday I went to the dentist.  I had planned to make a comment about this yesterday,  but it turned out to be a busy day.

I had been on the waiting list to see the dentist since my last visit in October of 2007.  In October of 2008,  I put my name back on the waiting list...  one has to wait for a year after visiting the dentist before getting back onto the list.  

Last week,  my name came up, and so I went to see the dentist again,  more than two years after the last time.   I had had a problem in the meantime,  and I'd phoned the clinic, but since it could be managed with panadol,   it was not an emergency.   Yesterday,  the previous repair was adjusted and I can bite with all of my teeth now.  My teeth are just fine.

I left with a letter informing me that I can get back on the waiting list in twelve months time, and with the current length of the waiting list,  I should be able to see the dentist again in mid 2012!


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I knew a woman in Georgia who retired and was losing her dental benefits...she chose to have all her teeth extracted and get dentures rather than keep her teeth...glad to hear that yours are fine for another while.

Jane said...

I knew of people in Newfoundland that had their teeth removed when they were 14 because free dental care finished at 15. They used to get their dentures for their wedding photos!
I wish I could get in once a year though.