Friday, 22 January 2010

Fire and quilting

It's been another busy day.  
It is very hot, dry and windy.  The garden survives and we are picking a few geen leafy vegetables, potatoes... and of course we always have eggs and an assortment of herbs....  we are doing ok.
Today there was a serious fire just south of our town... it was very scary and, while I thought we would be ok,   I did go  out  pretty regularly to see how far the fire had gone.
The most noticeable things in my back yard was the smoke,  the aerolplane... that was presumably dropping water on the fire and the galahs that live here.  They live in the big trees that are on the  block and they come and go as they please.  They are very noisy,   so their departure in the morning and their arrival home again each evening at dusk is quite noticeable.  Today,  rather than return at the normal time (between sunset and dusk)  they returned very early.  As the fire became more intimidating and the plane was flying its dousing raids,  the galahs turned up here.... away from harm...  and I must say that I felt better too... they must know something.  They are very welcome.
Today I got into some sewing also.  It was so windy and awful outside that I didn't venture out very much and spent time sorting out some of the things that I've been meaning to do for some time.   I have a tapestry piece to finish for an exhibition in the middle of the year (a portrait exhibition... no photo yet,  but it will happen) ... and meanwhile I  have a quilt to piece as well....

I have had this quilt in mind for a long time...  entitled "Miller's Holiday in Bali"....   I'll show a picture when the pieced top is complete...  it's about three quarters of the way there...  this is a real privelege to see it before it's finished...   and there'll be more explanation (about Bali holidays... which I've never been on) as well,
And so there you are....  a firey day,  no meetings, time to piece a quilt and all's right with the world.  Life's good.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Fiona says don't worry the firemen are going to come and save the horses and lizards and cows, and ducklings and ducks.

Jane said...

Tell Fiona that she was right. The firemen came with an airplane and put the fire out. There was a hay shed burned, but all of the people and the horses and the lizards and the cows and ducks and ducklings are ok. You can always get new stuff, but you can't get new people or animals. We are lucky to have such good firemen.

John L said...

...and sheep and goats.