Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hotter and hotter...

It just keeps getting hotter and hotter..
"Meteorologists have warned this weekend in Adelaide could be well above official forecasts. The Weather Channel experts say a very hot air mass is drifting into the state and could cause unusually high overnight heat and temperatures above 40C from Friday to Monday."  (Ind daily,  Adelaide)

This is a quotation from the local online news source.   This is the weather forcast for the city this weekend and for us,  and no doubt it will be significantly hotter in kapunda than it is in Adelaide.  And no doubt we should expect more of the same for the forseeable future.  Of course this brought me back to thinking about the climate issues that we all face.  The best description of our situation and its relationship to the recent Copenhagen conference is this piece from Richard Heisenberg. 

My garden is doing well at the moment.  The shade cloth is working and keeping the vulnerable plants cool and damp during the hottest days.  My improvised shelters are beginning to look like something out of a bedouin camp,  but if that is the case, I am honoured as the bedouin have managed in a difficult climate for some time and I would like to follow in their footsteps.  My "tents" are all built of shade cloth,  bamboo stakes and clothes pegs.

Under the shelter,  many plants thrive... tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, chillis, basil... all here...

Out in the sun... the mustard seed plants have produced seed... I am collecting it,  but look at these beautiful plants... a whole new view of the garden...  I find these spectacular.

I have photographed this bush because it will soon be dried up.  It is a rainforest plant from South America,  planted by the previous owner, and as the summer advances,  it will need copius amounts of water to maintain even green leaves... frustrating,  but a lesson in what not to plant here.

This is a foreign plant (below) photographed today....  in fact this is a baby plant transplanted from its parent elsewhere in the yard...  this is the first time that this particular plant has flowered.  These flowers,  like cactus,  come out at night and have amazing perfume.  I assume that they are also pollinated by some moth or other.

The flowers are as delicate and beautiful as any that you'd find in any garden...

Outside, tonight, the whole plant is wonderful...  magical....

.... and all of the air is perfumed.

Now to the big stuff-up of the day.  I did do a drawing, but I am not happy with it.  Instead I am going to post a print that I came across today.  I made it sometime ago.
I used to make a lot of prints and I love doing them.  I don't have access to a printing press any more,  but I found these prints when looking for some specific works that need to be in Burra tomorrow.  These two prints are made from drawings that I made at "the reformatory" as it was known here.  The reformatory was a Catholic girls institution that was at one time supervised by Mother Mary McKillop  (founder of the order of St Joseph)  and who is about to be beatified, becoming the first Australian saint.  While I am not remotely religious and certainly not catholic,  I am sad that the historic building linking this woman with our town has been demolished by the very church that should have sought to preserve her memory.  

My apologies for the "not so good" photographs,  but I like these prints and I'd like them to be further reproduced now that the building is gone.

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I love the garden, I wish I was there for the perfumed air. Thanks for the updates,