Sunday, 3 January 2010

I commented yesterday about my sore back.  I hurt it while moving furniture around,  and while that would be a good excuse,  I know that it is partly to do with my lack of yoga practice in the past several months... not good.  I haven't made a resolution about that, but perhaps I should have!  Mmmm.

I planted some more seeds today.   The soil has been soaking... compost dug into it,  and gypsum added, so that the water atually soaked in rather than sitting on top, leaving dust underneath.  The soil looked like damp, black crumbly soil... and it even smelled good too.  I planted cucumber and kale.  It's late for the cucumber, but with the lack of earwigs,  I feel a little more confident now.
The coriander is trying to go to seed.  The plants are quite tiny,  but already they are producing flower heads.  Shortening days and hot wweatehr will do that,  but I've planted some more and I've cut all of the tops off (we have eaten them!) because I still want some salsa!

We had potatoes and vegetables for dinner tonight... the recipe was on the blog yesterday...

... potatoes, onions, tomatoes, eggs, silver beet, frozen cauliflower (from the last glut) and eggs.  It was good.

I have made another drawing, of course.  I was in my studio space painting when I remembered that I hadn't done it yet...  I drew an old ink bottle that I found at a second hand shop.

It is drawn with ink and washed with plain water.

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