Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sewing and art

For those of you who are not aware of my background,  until recent years I have earned much of my income as an  outworker,  sewing clothing and racewear for a living.  It has all been useful,  and the racewear, in particular, has been very lucrative.  The racewear involved fireproof clothing for racing car drivers.  Nowadays,   like everyone else,  it is impossible to compete with the price of Chinese labour.  I have worked for about half of the "going rate"  in Australia, but that's not low enough and there comes a point when it is not worth doing.Anyway,  I have been sewing for other customers (at $10 per hour... my minimum) but the fact that I won't drop my price further means that I am losing my customer base.  It is not worth my while to work for less than that,  so it's all ok.  I grow more vegetables.
This evening, a friend with another sewing job dropped in.  I'll do it, but I am wary of the value of my labour.  Marx would haave something to think about here.
My sewing room... the means of production....

These are an assortment of industrial sewing machines... a straight sewer, a double needle machine, a five thread overlocker and a four thread overlocker... now,  all I really need is a coverstitch machine (which I can't afford)  and I would be much better off!  I have a separate machine (getting dicey) that I use for button holes,  making a total of five regularly used machines.
So,  that is what I do.  I like sewing,  but can't afford any more investment there, unless Chinese labour becomes more expensive.

This afternoon, I photographed some drawings that I have done in the past few days...  I'm not sure which order they are supposed to be in,  but here is my favourite glass jug....  and I like this drawing also...  the watercolour wash is better here...

... a plastic water bottle... square shape...

... and my same old jug... it is such a lovely shape that I continue to draw it.   It is made of glass,  and has some funny colours in it,  but mostly the shape intrigues me.  (Am I becoming like Morandi with his few still life subjects?)

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I love the ones on repurposed paper.