Thursday, 14 January 2010

Trip to Adelaide.... and home again.

Today I went to Adelaide to visit my cousin and her mother (my aunt, 89) who is not well at all.  I had a meeting to get to in North Terrace, so a bit of a detour to the western suburbs seemed like a really good opportunity to catch up.
It was a busy day,  but I'm glad to have made the effort.
Adelaide is very busy and noisy,  and by the end of the afternoon,  I was pleased to be on the road back toward home again... to get back out of the city and into the Kapunda area...  the landscape looks very dry by now,  but familiar also...  this is just south of Kapunda,  on the way home...

... and here is a similar field,  with fennel growing wild along the roadway.  Fennel grows wild all along many of the roads.

This is Mount Light (below)... it is the highest "mountain" in the region and our council (Light Regional Council where I am an elected member) is named for the mountain and/or the river... a small stream that runs to the coast in Gulf St Vincent.  The name Light comes from Colonel William Light who planned the city of Adelaide (and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and who was a competent artist. 

Once again,  Australia is a very old continent.  Mountains are well worn down.  This may well have been a much larger feature in the distant past,  but mountains wear down to this.  The soil around here is depleted in minerals...  soluble material is leached out... and we are left with this landscape...
...  and so I drew it as well.  This is in my "meeting notebook"  as I didn't have my drawing book with me.  I won't forget it next time!

I have drawn it before,  and I have made paintings of this area also.  This is close to the road home, and once here,  it isn't far to go.

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