Friday, 8 January 2010

Weather blog?

This is becoming a weather blog!
Today was supposed to reach 39 in the city, but even there,  it has reached 40 already, and here it is now more than 41 and still going up at 4:00 in the afternoon.  The revised prediction for the city for the next few days is 43C (about 110F)  so who knows what it will be here!
This is the prediction for climate change in this part of Australia, so I suppose we should expect more of the same.

I have been staying inside today.  The vegetables are covered with their shadecloth, and the dogs are under the kitchen table, and the laundry is full of blowflies.  They congregate in there when it is very hot outside... they are keeping out of the sun as well!
I have been out, checking that the shadecloth is still in place, and it is very hot and dry and quite windy out there.

The baby bay leaf tree is cooking again.  These are the new leaves that grew during last winter, and they are becoming crispy like the older ones beneath them.  This can happen quite quickly with some plants... the leaves just cook on the bush.  I have even seen a whole bush turn brown in hours and never recover.

Here is another plant that is looking a bit the worse for wear...

... and it looked like this last week....

The "butterfly bush"  (Buddleia sp) is also looking very sick and tired....

The chickens are doing ok,  though they are digging hemselves into the dust in the coolest place in the yard.  Even they are panting in the heat...  notice the open beaks.

The wind has been blowing from the north (the hottest direction) all day,  but it's now coming from the west...  I don't know how much advantage that will be.
My "Bedouin tent" style shade for the new vegetables is working... it looks precarous,   but even in the wind it seems to be ok...

The other interesting thing that I found out there today was the fruit that is being made where the two white cactus flowers were blooming jsut a few days ago.  This has happened before.  I think that there are special moths needed for cactus flowers to be fertilised...  they flower at night,  remember.  
Apparently these are being fertilised often enough to produce fruit.   Bees love the flowers too,  and, not being a native species,  it's unlikely that the correct moth is around... interesting,  and I'll cut one of the fruits open soon...

No drawing yet,  but I will make one later when it's cooler.

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