Monday, 15 February 2010

Lotus flowers in Adelaide and Roma tomatoes from Angle Vale

I knew that it was a few days since I'd put anything here.. I've been busy.  I hadn't realised just how long though!
The end of last week was taken up with the "Plains to Plate"  convergence.  This consisted of a series of workshops about the security of food for South Australia.  There was so much information,  and so many people with inspiring stories,  information and suggestions that, despite being a lot to take in,  it was a wonderful couple of days.  I didn't go to the opening evening event,  as it would have meant a huge amount of driving and/or extra cost of travel, accomodation and all of that,  but one of the talks from that evening is now available online an it is worth watching also...  in three parts....
The Food Forest (Graham and Anne-Marie Brookman's home/farm) is just a few km from us here,  and I have mentioned it previously... and it is the place where a few of us organised a "Transition Weekend"  some time ago.
Anyway,  I stayed in the city overnight and had to walk back across the Park Lands on Friday afternoon. I didn't have my camera with me,  so these photographs were taken with my telephone!   The lotus pond... I love drawing here and plan to go back in the next while,  while the flowers are so beautiful....
I have sat and drawn these leaves and flowers before...  amazing.  I don't know how long they'll last,  but I'll try to go back to Adelaide in the next week or so!

And there were  trees... all kinds in this part,  behind the botanical gardens....  a Moreton Bay Fig tree....

... and a River Red Gum....  a bit out of place,  but a beautiful tree.

These past few days have been exhausting,  and I have lots to think about and it is all good.  I bought some Roma tomatoes on the way back from Adelaide...  26kg.
I don't have enough for the winter, but these are bought locally and are very fresh.  We have just had a patch of hot weather, and so the farmers have to pick the glut of ripe fruit very fast...  and the price is good.  On Friday or Saturday I will be peeling and  bottling those.
The garden has been doing well and I have a few brassicas growing well... these should produce food in May/June.  I have a new patch of kale and some beetroot seeds coming up.   I picked a few tomatoes today,  and we are getting back to plenty after the hot weather... with the weather prediction suggesting that the temperature will be up around 40 again later in the week it will be interesting to see how the little plants manage.
These flowers are jsut coming out now too....  Easter lilies.  (Belladonna lilies)  though not so many this year....  I think it's a hard time for many plants lately.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I am sooooo ready for a tomato, it's been way too long. Bring on the sun.