Thursday, 4 February 2010

Planting vegetables for the next season

I have been rather disorganised lately... normally I plant something weekly,  but it's been a bit vague lately.
Normally,  in January, I should have planted the food for June and July.  It has been very hot and dry, and it would have been very hard early in the month,  but my disorganised patch hasn't helped either.
When things like that happen though,  there's no point in worrying about that... so I have decided to see what I can do now.
Today I planted some seedlings.  I bought these from a local nursery rather than raising them myself,  but never mind.  This is a broccoli seedling surrounded with mulch...
I also planted cauliflower and some kale seeds....  I'll watch those closely.

Across the way, these are mustard seeds... "on the hoof"....
... the eggplant that I've showed before... growing bigger.

This is the tree that I need to deal with before the winter... a kurrajong, a huge tree that shades the house (and the solar hot water panel) in the winter. 

I intend to cut this back to the trunk.  The tree will survive and shoot back as a different looking specimen.  (In fact one sees them in NSW cut like this for fodder and they shoot again in a funny sort of way.  
My plan is to cut the branches back,  get them "chipped" and compost them into soil for the yard.  Kurrajongs are not much good for firewood,  or I'd be using it for that.  This one will end up as soil.

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