Saturday, 20 February 2010


Today (Friday)  was the first day this year that I've spent processing tomatoes.  (I actually wrote this last night but only posted it this morning.)
I did show a picture of the tomatoes that I had bought on my way home from the city during the week.  A messy job, but has to be done....

Tomatoes need to be brought to 200F (my preserving thermometer is old,  and in Fahrenheit) over an hour.    That means taking an hour to get up to that temperature.  Then it needs to remain at that temperature for 15 minutes and the book (1950's vintage)  tells me to turn off the stove.  Since I can't do that I have to lift the whole pot... full of boiling water... onto the floor to stand for another hour.

.. and here they arre,  cooling on the kitchen  bench.

The tomatoes that were a bit mushy or needed to have some dodgy bits removed are also peeled,  blended and boiled down to about half the volume or less....

... this makes tomato  paste and I have four jars of that.  This still needs to be sterilised.
We also had tomato soup for tea.

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