Saturday, 6 March 2010

Barossa market

I left early this morning (well,  not very early) to go to the market.  Sometimes, it's rather a luxury to buy something different from whatever is doing well in my garden,  but this week it's rather essential.  The garden is producing minimally and we have some frozen vegetables left from the winter,  but there are a few things that I really needed to buy.
Today I bought potatoes from Sid,  who is there every second week.  I bought three kilos and that should be plenty for a while.  I bought some green vegetables (kale) and a bunch of carrots, as these are the things that didn't survive the really hot days. Here is the basil and kale in water on the window sill....
The basil that I bought is called the "lettuce leaf"  variety,  presumably because of the size of the leaves. I bought some meat (beef)  from Pewsey Vale.   And cheese.  I bought "Brie" and some "triple cream"  that is lovely.  These cheeses are made by hand at "Udder delights" in the Adelaide Hills.
I bought a bag of 80% flour from Rosemary, the four-leaf lady who is there on the first Saturday of the month,  regularly.  The flour is the best around,  organic and local (grown about 15km from home)  but brought here via the market that is in the opposite direction!
I bought a bag of avocados from the riverland ($1 each) and some fruit....  melons that are beautiful now and some small nectarines that ripened on the tree and were picked a few hours ago....  so sweet!
It seems so luxurious to be able to buy such lovely food so easily.
The market is about 30 km away,  but the bonus is that I get to drive through countryside that people pay money to holiday in.  Right now, the vines are loaded with grapes,  or at least many of them are.... some have been picked already.  Occasionally you see a few cars parked alongside the vines and a few heads leaning over the rows of grapes... pickers hand-picking the grapes.  But many of the grapes are picked by machine these days.  The huge machines are driven along bridging the vines one row at a time.  They remove the grapes, along with leaves,  twigs and some debris....  the remaining vines look very much the worse for wear.  It's cheaper,  evidently.   There are people looking for work,  but there's not much around anymore.
I drove the Datsun,  of course,  and even that is fun to think about too.
Since I've been home,  I have planted some broccoli, lettuce, chicory and kale... watered and mulched them and we should have plenty of winter food within a couple of months.

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