Saturday, 20 March 2010

Election day garden.

I have made a makeshift election day stand to hold supplies at the polling booth, with signs all around it, and a place for the how-to-vote cards, and I must say,  it works very well.
I went down the street to vote,  but I'm not allowed to remain near the polling booth today because I am a candidate.  John is there for most of the day and my mother is giving him a break for a couple of hours.  I don't have volunteers in many booths,  so I have a quiet day.

I have been out in the garden, picking eggs and caterpillars from broccoli plants... they have been ignored for the past few weeks while I've been very busy,  but today is different.
These are the eggs of the white cabbage moths....
... you need good eyes!

... enlarged....

... and caterpillars....

I'm sure that if you had a whole paddock of broccoli,  you'd need some poison or the spray that prevents the caterpillars from developing (I think that there's a bacterial infction that you can give them that stops them from growing.)  However,  when you're only growing enough for your family (and a bit extra for the freezer)  it's just as easy and much cheaper to pick off the eggs and the grubs.

I found some aphids  :-(
I don't ususlly get these as I should have flowering carrots that bring ladybirds whose babies eat the aphids,  but the hot summer ruined that plan this year.  I'll be checking for those more often too!

Other interesting bits and pieces include these red russian kale plants that I grew from seed collected from my own kale plants at the end of last season....

... chicory growing from seed in a styrofoam box...  to be transplanted soon....

... more red russian kale (I couldn't get black tuscan kale seeds anywhere this year!)  These were seeds that I bought more than a year ago,  but they are ok.

And here are some lettuces and some broccoli plants that were given to me at the nursery because they were considered unsaaleable (looked dead!)  but I can usually resurrect them with seasol.  These are in a styrofoam box still also,  but I'll transplant the broccoli out soon.  I'll leave the lettuces there though.

The biggest broccoli so far....  I am wondering when we'll get some to eat...  it is only March and still over 30C every day,  but it is doing well....  can't be far off.  There are four plants that are this far advanced.  I planted thim thinking that they were a risk (in early January)  but four (out of six) have survived.

I had some dried up ginger in the potato bin,  so I planted it in this wine barrel in the back verandah... it is coming along nicely so far....

And here are three nests that I've found while pruning trees....  made of mud and grass and a few bits of binda-twine.
... the clothes pegs are left over from the days of shade cloth and bamboo above the garden that I had held together with pegs during the hottest days.

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