Friday, 19 March 2010

Election eve

It is quite late at night.  I have just got back from putting the last few corflutes up around the local polling booth.   There are rules about where one can put them during the campaign,  but on the morning of the election (tomorrow morning) the rules go "out the window"  and so I have been out late at night putting a few more signs up... rather than doing it very early in the morning when there will be more competition from the other party workers.  (Live and learn!)
In fact,  tomorrow,  I can't do much except vote and make sure that other people do also.  Last election I toured around the booths for quite some distance, but this time I don't have so many workers,  so less to do.  Not a bad thing!
By this time tomorrow,  the counting will be underway,  and we'll be waiting to find out who will be back in government.