Sunday, 21 March 2010

Election results

The election is over, and the results are partly counted.  In my particular electorate (Stuart) the counting is 66.6 completed and I have 4.6% of the vote.  While this might not sound like a lot,  it is an increase on the 3.1% that I received last time,  and I am the third out of five candidates this time... I'm pleased.

The results are here and, where it says "district"  you need to select "Stuart" and then choose (click on )  "results per polling booth" and you'll see where I had the best results...  and I got 8.6% in Kapunda!   You might like  to click on the electoral map  too,  to see how large "my" patch is!
The other interesting number is Leigh Creek which is my third highest vote... and a coal mining town!  I think I will try to get there in the next while...  does this mean that I'm planning the next election?
I have taken down the corflutes from the local area, and tomorrow I'll be off to Wilmington and back to take the rest down....  the Labor party candidate has offered to take the Pt Augusta ones down :-)
I am so tired and feeling a bit sad that I can't enjoy the sunny autumn weather...  need to take it easy for a while!
Next... planting the rest of the winter vegetables....
... ready to go...  just need some rain :-)

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