Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fig jam

Today I have been planting seeds for vegetables that will be ready in the winter...  carrots, onions, kale, leeks, beetroot and fennel.  The soil is still warm and I have dug compost and gypsum into it...  it looks ans smells good,  and I'm hopeful that the vegetables will do well... one is always hopeful when planting seeds!  I am planting a small area at a time and I'll leave some of it until the rain comes... I can't afford to water a very big area.

I went to the Barossa today too,  and so I phoned the farmer's market lady who has figs....  I had arranged to buy a box of them when I went over there.  They are just beautiful....
... after dinner tonight,  I began to cut them up for jam.  I have cut about 20lbs....  and I have added as much sugar as I had here (about 5lbs) and they are sitting, soaking,  overnight....
I have kept some for eating....  and they are lovely.  I know what I'll be eating for breakfast!
Tomorrow I have a meeting at the council but I should be home by lunchtime,  and I'll be cooking and bottling jam in the afternoon.

It is supposed to be hot again tomorrow (and no rain of course!) and it is supposed to continue for the next few days,  so I'll need to keep an eye on the seeds that I've planted.  If it gets too hot, I'll cover the seeded patch with shade cloth.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I put some dried figs in my salad last night...looking forward to september when they are ready on the tree.