Thursday, 25 March 2010

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

That saying must have come from people complaining about the temperature in the kitchen, in summer,  when all of the hot kind of cooking seems to happen... the jam making and the fruit bottling.
In fact,  I haven't had any complaints about the heat in the kitchen,  but it could happen today!   I am also putting some meat in the oven.  We don't often have a piece of meat like that (roasted)  but with the oven nice and hot,  it's a good opportunity.

Added later:  the dinner... and there was gravy too.
...  it was all good.

The jam is boiling, but almost done.  The jars are ready to go and while the stove was hot,  I caught up with a bit of ironing.  Chris wanted to have a go also...  (and he enjoyed it, I might add)  new experience?
This is one of the irons that I bought some time ago, and they work very well.  It's useful to have them handy when the fire is alight.  Notice the jam cooking in the background... behind Chris....

.... and looking good.

Later... the finished jars of jam...  20!

.... and the last dregs in a bowl for breakfast....
on toast.

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