Thursday, 11 March 2010


Today I have finished the garden digging... well that bed anyway.  It's about 2.5m  x 8m and is all ready to plant.  We just need some rain.
Today was spent reading agenda papers for the audit committee meeting at the council and writing news releases for local newspapers.... the election is only 8 days away... and I am so "over" the election businsess, as I'm sure all of the other candidates are.

Tomorrow I'll be on the way to Adelaide very early for the official launch of the campaign (funny,  it's been on for a while already!) with Bob Brown and the Legislative Council Candidates.  I'm running for the lower house and this seat is all but guaranteed to be occupied by one of the major parties, despite the fact that it is the closest electorate in the state... last time there was less than 1% between the "two party preferred"  vote and it took a week to decide who had won!

Mostly, I am  looking forward to some rain so that I can plant the garden, and have time to blog about my yard again.

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