Friday, 30 April 2010

Planting broad beans

The beginning of this "short" week (with last Monday being a holiday) was busy.  I had some council business and some meetings (council and Carer's Link) to attend, and by yesterday,  things were calming down.
Since then,  though,  I have been trying to find something of interest in the garden to write about here.  It is that time of the year when some crops are finishing and others are barely beginning.

Yesterday I did aome re-organising on the kitchen.  First of all,  I cleaned the stove and "blacked" it.   It looks so much better than it had (I should ahve take a "before" and an "after"picture!)  but here is how it looks now....
... it had been stained with rust and dirt.  After the recent rain,  the top was looking pretty awful.  The chimney is completely open up there...
... the flue only goes up for about 2 metres (two lengths of flue pipe) and then the brick chimney and the sky.

As well as that little bit of serious cleaning,  I got to rearrange my bench space.  I have had a tiny television sitting on the bench as I like to watch Silvio Rivier (The Global Village) and the news while I cook dinner.  I have found a tiny digital one that will fit on the bookshelf at the end of the table...
... and so I can have my whole kitchen bench for cooking....
... here it is a little cluttered with the bread bowl and the remains of the washing up.  In fact that picture shows my whole kitchen,  I think... taken from the other side of the table in the picture above.

This morning I went out to the garden again, and I picked enough food for dinner tonight...  the last three eggplants,  some small capsicums that probably can't grow much more now....  about 30  jalapenos, and a bundle of kale leaves and herbs.   I'm not sure what this might make for dinner,  but perhaps I could use the other half of the spaghetti sauce (preserved in a large jar) with these vegetables and some noodles (the chooks are still laying.)

Then, out to the garden and the new crops are doing well.  I have leeks nearly ready to pick and a lot of leafy green things....  kale, coriander and the tops of the rood vegetables...
The biggest (oldest) plants here are, on the LHS, onions, chicory and kale;  and on the RHS  beetroot and potatoes.
I am really pleased with these potato plants and these should continue to do well until we get a frost...  not that we get much in the way of frost here,   so we might do really well from these really happy looking plants.  I have a few more to plant (potatoes)  and hopefully we'll increase out carbohydrate production this year.
The garlic that I planted a couple of weeks ago.  I have since planted hte rest of the crop.  (The frst few were urgent because they were trying to wprout already,  in the cupboard.  These are a few in the "herb" patch,  but there are another hundred or so planted in another couple of places in the garden...  that will allow a couple of bulbs per week next year.

Meanwhile the capsicums are still flowering!
And so are the eggplants!  Beautiful flowers,  but a bit late in the season.  I'd like to cover these with plastic flim (on the same frame that I had shade cloth  on in the summer)  to see whether the plants can survive and have a head start next summer.

This morning I planted the first of the broad beans... about 60 seeds in two rows here....  though not much to show yet....
... with quite a few more seeds to go.   As other crops finish all through the winter (brassicas)  I can put more of these beans into the soil.   We'll raise beans to eat (as baby pods, hulled beans and dried beans)  and enough for seed for next year as well...  planning ahead.

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