Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Busy days...

It's been a series of busy days.

On Sunday we went to the opening of an exhibition of paintings at the Kapunda Community Gallery...  it was a lovely day.  Chris spent the day preparing to travel to Sydney and Nick's place.

On Monday,  we drove to Adelaide to send him off from the airport...
... and here he is on the way down the ramp to the plane...
We waited until the plane took off...  making sure that his luggage was on board!
We watched as  the plane went out to the runway.  The tiny white plane that is following is one belonging to the Royal Flying Doctor Service....

... and here it is disappearing into the distance with Glenelg in the background.

Home again,  and a quiet evening.  On the way home,  I bought some "sauce tomatoes" from a roadside stall.  I had meant to get these earlier,  when I could have got Roma tomatoes,  but it's a bit late in the year... never mind.  I bought two boxes for spaghetti sauce.
These are quite good, and this is the second (least ripe) box!  They taste good,  and will work for sauce,  though I still prefer the Roma ones.

Consequently,  today, Tuesday,  I have cooked (and evaporated down) one whole box of tomatoes.  I cooked them with onion, garlic, capsicum, a few jalapenos and some herbs.
This saucepan full is what remains after bottling seven jars....
These will be the basis of pasta dishes during the winter.  I make home made noodles with eggs from the chickens and the sauce can be modified with whatever else I have around... meat, vegetables or extra garlic and herbs...  this can depend upon what is in the garden.  It also makes dinners quick to prepare when I'm busy.

We tried some of the sauce (plain) with noodles  and grated Mil-lel parmesan style cheese,  for dinner tonight.  I'm fairly pleased with the sauce,  just a tiny bit spicy (jalapenos) and a little bit of garlic.  It was good.  I had left the tomato skins in this time (I often peel them, especially when I'm bottling them whole) but with two boxes to process,  I thought I'd try them with the skins,  but chopped very finely.  They are quite ok, and will supply plenty of winter meals.

While the sauce was cooking, I mixed some whole wheat bread and cooked it.  (With a wood stove, the oven is easy to heat.)
Amongst all of this,  I also slipped down to the Post Office to send a parcel off to one of my grandchildren who has a birthday this month!


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Hi Jane,
You have been busy!
I can almost smell the bread...wish I was there for a bite.
Miss you
Love you

Ju said...

Sounds fantastically productive Jane! Love Ju & Co XXXXX