Saturday, 10 April 2010

Clean stove

Today I cleaned the stove.  It looks better... and the dinner is cooking....  beans and rice....
The flue pipe is crooked because it sits loosely on top of the damper part.  There are only two sections of pipe there and then an open chimney.  The flue pipe was a little bit too big so it is sealed with a piece of aluminium  (actually a piece of crinkled alfoil that I put in there)  but it hasn't moved for more than a year,  so I'm leaving it alone until I have to put a new piece of foil in there.  (If it ain't broke,  don't fix it!)

I am still looking at the bulbs daily.  These are the same five flowers, and the leaves are getting bigger...
The tiny green dots of leaves are baby stinging nettles and will make wonderful fertiliser when they are bigger.
The flowers last for quite a few days and the honeyeaters love them....

In the front yard, the flowers were earlier,  but the leaves are coming up everywhere.  They will grow to be  huge in a few weeks.
It's a hectic week ahead.   I have a few council obligations, a run to the airport and a funeral to get to...  it will all work out but some weeks just seem to be the busy ones.
It's good that we have had a bit of rain so that the tiny plants and the seeds that I've planted are safe while I'm away.

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