Monday, 26 April 2010

Collingrove (with added photo)

Today was a holiday Monday.  This was for Anzac Day, which was actually yesterday (25th April) but, as that's a holiday for most people anyway,  we have an extra day off on Monday... making this a long weekend.
My usual task on Anzac day is to plant the broad beans, but they were postponed yesterday (by the garlic,  onions and some extra peas) and I'll get to the broad beans at the end of the week.
Today,  being a holiday,  had a number of events happening, and we chose to drive (with Gawler Car Club friends) from Gawler to Collingrove to the hillclimb.  We went in the Mark 4 Bolwell...
It is a lovely car,  though I'm glad it didn't rain while we were out...  it is supposed to rain later tonight and clouds gathered during the day,  but we got home warm and dry.
First of all, we drove down to Gawler to meet up with the rest of the car club.

The drive from Gawler was lovely... via Sandy Creek,  Cockatoo Valley, Williamstown, Springton, Eden Valley (near where my brother lives) and on to Collingrove.  The vines are definitely on their last autumn legs and the olives are ripening...  the rain of the past couple of weeks has made the hills look so green and lush  (it's still drier up in Kapunda) ....
... these pictures were all taken from the car at more than 100km per hour... many above the windscreen.

... and on to the track.

We walked around to check out the cars and then claimed our usual spot up on the hill.  I got out my knitting and finished another sock between cars.  (Love the "Sunsmart" hat!)  It was a beautiful day.
I had a view of the cars as they prepared to climb the hill and a view of most of the track, from the first hill....

... to the tricky bit up further.

Hillclimbs are good for knitting... the cars come one by one and here are significant gaps in between (in case you need to look at what you're doing!)
We had been there for about an hour when Chris and Andrew arrived, so we sent them on the food run...
... and here they are, bringing steak sandwiches up the hill...  the start line is behind the timing box that is behind those two and that is the track coming up the hill on the rhs.

Home again,  and I do feel tired.  The garden looks healthy and we are expecting rain.  I still need to get to the broad beans,  but they'll never notice the few days that they are late.
I still need to pick the last zucchinis,  eggplant and capsicums...  we are eating chinese broccoli, lettuce and some kale.  Last night we had home-made noodles (some "oldish" eggs)  and home made pasta sauce (bottled) with added zucchini, herbs and kale.   We are back to planning dinner around the garden produce!

Added later:  See the lady in the green hat down there (in the above photo)...
... well  there's a photo of her on the internet....  
and up there,  behind her is someone knitting socks :)


nightheron said...

jane, your blog is lovely. check out this anzac day tribute on you tube it made me go all teary and sad and so hard to explain to noah (8) about what happened when he ask's "so - did the goodies win??"
X nicole

Jane said...

Perhaps nobody wins in wars... both sides are sad.