Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My own studio space

I have been trying to sort out my own studio space.  This is the  old video studio that has had video machines and everything else... all over the place.  John is cutting back on all of that,  getting into more compact discs, and moving into what was the dining room in the house.  This leaves the old studio (well, so far just a part of it)  for my sewing machines and my painting stuff.
The sewing machines have already been working.  I made a few shirts here before Easter and I have plans to do some more interesting things than that.  It's a pity that I can't sell items in the local craft shop,  but there is no provision to hang clothing there.  Clothing doesn't sell as well packaged into bags or boxes.
The art supplies are moving in.
I have a few canvasses (some good, some cheap and some to recycle) and can't wait to be able to paint.  The problem so far has been the funny colour of the artificial light in here.  The main light is a fluorescent tube and the colour is very strange.  There is one small window in one corner though,  so my plan is to place the easel in the spot where the light can shine over my shoulder on my right hand side (being right handed) and use natural light whenever I can.  A skylight would be good too,  but that will be after another tank,  a slow combustion heater for the living room and the front verandah repaired!

This morning I went out to draw my "life-drawing subjects" better known as the chooks....
They are very difficult subjects...they don't stay still for very long.  You probably get seconds to capture a pose!  But is is certainly a good way to get your eye/hand/brain coordination going!
And of course,  back to my still life bottles....
These are three odd ones from the second hand shop.  A eucalyptus oil bottle, an ink bottle and another old one that is jsut slightly purple... must be old.
Both of these are done with ink and then washed with water,  no colour.  Perhaps tomorrow!  My big plan to draw daily has gone a bit awry,  but that's no reason to give up.  I'm back to drawing again now.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I can't wait to see the studio, must also have a futon for visitors or nappers.