Sunday, 18 April 2010

Parsley, sage rosemary and thyme....

This must be the biggest gap in posting here, and it's been on my mind...  so much to tell and so little time.  Today I have finally finished cooking the last of the tomatoes...   these will be tomato paste that I'll use during the winter.  I have cooked them and evaporated the liquid until they are quite concentrated and almost paste like.  I need to push them all through the mouli mill and then sterilise the paste in Fowler's vacola bottles.   I just looked at that "mouli" link and, while it is the same as the mill that I have (though mine might be smaller)  I only have one size strainer at the bottom... it doesn't matter... it keeps the tomato seeds out of the past and it makes perfect soup...  I don't know what I'd use the other size meshes for anyway.  I also looked at the Fowler's Vacola link and that looks much more modern than my equipment that I bought at a garage sale... and the extra bottles from an assortment of second hand shops...  my instruction book is about 50 years old from the look of the "trendy"  woman in the illustrations too.
Today I have cut a lot of the wood from the kurrajong tree (already cut down,  but still needing work) and it's ready to dry out...  kurrajong is not good firewood,  but  if I'm short of fuel later in the year,  I'll be using it!
I have also moved a lot of chook poo from their yard to my new herb patch.   Last year, the patch where I had planted herbs was ok,  but not brilliant,  and when the very hot days in the summer came, many of the plants that had been there... even for several years... died.   I am determined to plan a little better.
I have dug chook poo into the soil,  added a bit of "blood and bone" for a boost,  some minerals (as I know that some are missing) and then added compost to the patches where I have planted the new herbs... so far... rosemary, sage, marjoram,  thyme, parsley and some rhubarb.  (Sounds like a Simon and Garfunkel song!)  My herb patch looks new,  but ok,  and I'll mulch it well before next summer.
Anyway,  I have been weeding the vegetable patch regularly and planting constantly. We have green leafy vegetables and herbs,  and we'll soon have broccoli, leeks and some other leafy green things.
The weather is still warm... 27C today and 1mm of rain overnight.  I need to water,  but the warm days are good for the baby plants.  Chemical reactions in living organisms operate much faster as temperature increases as is shown here and I can really see this in action in the garden now.   Not much rain,  but it is warm and the garden is thriving wherever I can use water.  I am assuming that we will get rain eventually,  so even running the tank down,  however risky that appears (it is our drinking,  washing and toilet flushing water also) seems to be the way to go as we get into autumn.
We are expecting this warm, overcast weather... hopefully with a chance of some rain... for the next few days.  The garden is enjoying it.
After planting the garden,  I came inside to clean up the mess that I'd left in the kitchen (I had been bottling the last tomatoes yesterday) the kitchen was not too bad,  but in need of work... a clean up.  I made noodles for dinner,  a loaf of bread for tomorrow, sauce for the noodles from the dregs of the garden (zucchini, tomatoes, onion,  garlic, herbs and kale)  grated the cheese and served dinner... I'm leaving the dishes for tomorrow!   Dinner was good.
And that is why I have barely had time to write a blog post here!   I have a couple of photos to add,  but I'll do that tomorrow.

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