Saturday, 15 May 2010

The buddleia is gone, welcome salvias.

Lately I don't seem to be getting all of the things that I want to done.   When you're "on a roll"  it's easy to get things done,  but when things slow down,  inertia can take over and it's hard to get moving again.  And so it has been lately,  and the cold weather doesn't help.
I decided to get moving again early this week,  and I have cut a lot of wood from the kurrajong, weeded the vegetables and finally made a huge difference where I cut down the buddleia that encroached on the clothes line.  It makes the view down the yard very different.
I had been worried about the view of the neighbour's ugly house with its enourmous air-conditioning unit sitting high oin the sky.  It has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, or at least not the shocking disaster that I had expected.  I can see the house but much of it is hidden by a wattle near the fence.  Hopefully I can grow some extra screening plants long the rest of the fence.  It's a pity that that enormous buddleia wasn't there!
I have now dug and re-dug the soil there and re-landscaped the area.  I have planted some salvias in the garden and I plan for this to become my "medicinal herb" patch.
I have culinary herbs nearer to the house.
You can see all the way to the clothesline...
The tiny tree in front is the bay leaf tree that has been trying to get a foothold here for some time.  I pulled out some enormous roots from around it...  perhaps it will have a chance now.
I have planted some other salvias.  One is a transplanted runner from Salvia chamelaeagnea (a Mexican native) and another is Salvia leucophylla (a Californian sage, also known as Grey sage) and the other few (Greek and African) are bred for different flower colours... all are supposedy very drought tolerant.  I like salvias very much and have had quite a few in the past...  I hope that these all do well.   I have the usual S. officinalis in a couple of variations and have a few to move to this new patch.
There is a lot more to do,  and plenty of weeding,  but I feel as though I have achieved quite a bit this week.

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