Sunday, 23 May 2010

Where did the week go?

It has been a good week,  good for gardening, that is.   I have spent such a lot of time in out there,  weeding,  planting, cleaning up pathways and planting quite a few native plants as well... down by the back fence.  The fence will eventually be covered... hidden from view, and the house that has been built over there will be out of sight as well,  I hope.   John went to the "free tree day"  last weekend (I was sitting in the gallery in Tanunda)  and brought home some really interesting plants.  We are still adding to the saltbush patch near the road,  and the birds really like the bushy patch there now.
I have also done a lot of planting in the herb/salvia patch, and I am pleased with the affect already.   As I have been digging up various patches,  I have come across a lot of bulbs.  Many of these grow very well here (though they are mostly dormant in the hottest driest part of the year) and so I have been collecting any that I find,  separating them and planting them where they will be surrounded by lavender bushes eventually.  I finally found three English lavender bushes...
These are not wuite ready to plant yet.... their roots need a bit of time yet....  but I'll be olaning them in a couple of weeks.  I have jsut soaked them in some seasol,  and they are looking lovely.

I also have a curry tree to plant.  I've been looking for one for some time,  and here it is....
I am not absolutely sure where it will go yet... there are two choices, and, as they don't like frosts,  I'll need to be rather careful with it.

It has been a good week in the garden.  It has been so warm and sunny and easy to work.  Each afternoon I got to sit and admire my handiwork...
... with wine on my green table rather than the coffee of the morning.

From that chair,  I could even watch the mice running through the bushes!  They don't seem very worried about me being there!   This mouse plague is quite something!  And we are being threatened with a locust plague in the spring as well....  how many plagues can one have in a year?

Today (Sunday) the weather has changed.  Earlier,  the wind was blowing and it was colder than we have been used to.  As we waited for the rain,  I lit both fires in the house...
After lunchtime,  I heard drops on the roof.  the galvanised iron at the back of the house makes it all sound much more spectacular...   but there wasn't all that much.   I went out and made sure that the gutters and downpipes were working as they should and listened to the trickle landing in the tanks.  The "shed tank" sounded quite spectacular... the house one less so,  but we were getting some water in there anyway.  Several hours later and it has stopped again.
I went to see how much was in the guage... almost 2 mm.

And so this afternoon I have been knitting by the fire, and thinking about the growing vegetables that must love the soft and gentle rain.

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