Friday, 25 June 2010

Home again and real food.

Most of yesterday was spent, after the second half of the discussion about planning for the future of Local Government with peak oil and climate change in mind...  much to think about...  I arrived home quite late, in the rain,  and couldn't see anything much in the garden...  frustrating.

This morning, after checking the rain guage (3mm) and lighting the kitchen fire,  I went out to see what had happened in my absence.  It had been only a couple of days,  but when you're used to seeing it all daily,  there are a lot of changes in that time.  The weeds have grown well, of course, and one can see how people  can resort to glyphosate that Monsanto assures us is harmless,  but I like the lizards and frogs too much for that.  As I expected, the broccoli (which is the most abundant crop at this time of the year) needed picking. I have taken three big "heads" and I'll freeze some for later.  The total today is....
... that is about 1.5 lbs of broccoli, 8oz carrots (four) and four leeks.  There were two more eggs this morning, and it looks like "eggs and vegetables" for dinner tonight.  On the RHS of that pile of veges is a small bunch of "broccolinis"....  those little side shoots that are produced after the main head is removed...
These (about 6oz altogether) came from the first broccoli that I harvested nearly a month ago.  I usually get at least a couple of sets of these before feeding the leafy part of the plants to the chickens.
I've also picked some "salad" to go with the cooked vegetables...
... these are an assortment of lettuces,  some spring onions and the "thinnings" from the fennel (I planted them close together, and I'm removing them bit by bit.)  It will be quite a good salad.

There are no potatoes here today.  I don't have any big ones to take yet,  so we might have either rice or some bread with dinner...  perhaps some flat "chapati" style pieces that one can use to contain the vegetables....   and if the vegetables were spiced they would be good with some raita or green coriander chutney and heaped on flat chapatis....  this is how I plan dinner.

After eating all sorts of interesting food (catered at the conference) and a couple of formal dinners "out"  I ended up, on the last day eating from the fruit platter at each opportunity.  The fruit was fresh and some  of it might have been local,  but at least it was not as "rich" as the other selections.  The other choices included doughnuts, pastries and sandwiches with rich meaty fillings, deepfried items and cheeses and dried fruit.  Most of it was good,  but high in fat and, with no leafy green things,  a real lack of some vitamins.  Hence my resort to the fruit platter and a little bit of some really lovely soft cheeses.
It is good to be back to the assortment of vegetables that are available in the garden, and whatever turns up on a given day.  

This morning I'm doing a sewing job for someone in the town... a rather rough and ready upholstering job for a "wood" truck.  (I wpouldn't use it as an advertisement for any kind of upholstering of a prefessional nature,  but it will "do the job.")  Around here,  these are a kind of informal trade of the "barter" variety and I see it happening more and more.  As I read about the localisation of resourcing and the upskilling that is needed for the future and our Energy Descent Action Plans,  I have the feeling that we are on our way to all of that around here,  despite the lack of formal recognition.  There is much more to do,  but it is already happening in our community.

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