Saturday, 26 June 2010

Partial eclipse of the moon

IThis afternoon, we had a cloudy sky and I wondered whether I'd be able to see the moon with the shadow of the earth passing across it.

The clouds were lovely,  but I was hoping for a clear sky...

...and the rainbow in the other direction didn't give me much hope either!

I even took a practice moon photos as the clouds cleared and the  moon rose.

I waited until a little while after the "start time" and went out into the cold to take a some photos...

In fact it looked more shaded than this, in real life,  but I enjoyed the challenge.   The final picture has the reddish glow that I'd seen before at the last eclipse in about 2000, from memory.   Despite the fuzzy finish,  I like this picture.
I'm sure that there will be better pictures online soon (the actual eclipse is just finishing now) and I can add some links later.
My favourite "astroblog" is here and I'll be checking it soon.

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