Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cactus and jonquils

On the way home from Adelaide recently,  we stopped and I collected some pieces of cactus that grows on the side of the road between here and Gawler.  The cactus in question is a Prickly Pear and it produces a lot of fruit every year.  I have been meaning to collect this for some time,  but never have the time,  the right weather, a tool for cutting the pieces off or gloves.  Well,  this time I collected these opieces and all that I didn't have were the gloves. I didn't need them,  the prickles are coarse and easy to avoid and,  not only that,  they are mostly broken off!
I planted these pieces in the garden today and sooner or later,  I expect to be able to harvest fruit and eat nopales.

The other big news is that the first jonquil flower is out.  I didn't pick it,  but soon there will be plenty and the house can be perfumed again.

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