Saturday, 10 July 2010

Labyrinth at Waite Arboretum

Yesterday I went to catch up with friends with whom I went to High School in the early 1960's.  As one of us realised at the time,  it is now 50 years since we all started as "first years" at Unley High School.  Here are the first of us to arrive....
.... Lori Neilson, Sue Blackburn (with the bottle) Jennifer Gardner, Sue Park, myself and Anne McMenamin.  (Some of these are a bit cryptic,  ony because of changed names... rather a problem for women trying to catch up with old friends!)
We had lunch in the dining room at Urrbrae House....
.... Jennifer is the director of the Arboretum and the house, so.... what a luxury to have the dining room when it's not in use!
The Arboretum ( Waite Arboretum) is a beautiful place also,  with not only its collection of trees and other plants,  but amazing commissioned sculptures.

The latest addition that I hadn't seen before was the labyrinth.... all assembled by Jennifer during her summer holidays!  I think it is the most amazing labyrinth that I've seen for many years!
From the left, we are myself, Annie Mac, Pamela Hill, Lori Neilson, Sue Blackburn and Sue Park.

The meeting with friends, a couple of whom I hadn't seen for more than forty years... closer to the fifty,  I think,  was wonderful.  Some of our memories matched... we remembered many things in much the same way,  but there were a lot of bits that others could fill in when we'd forgotten.

Once home again,  I was so tired (I'd had a wakeful night previously... with a wayward child)  and I had an early night!  
My plan had been to do some work in the garden today, but it was not to be.  The night had been a wild and windy night... only 3mm of rain,  but so windy.  In the city,  many people had damage and no electricity for some hours...  I suppose we were lucky to have none of that,  but it wasn't very pleasant outside today.  I sat by the fire,  reading,  and happy to be able to stay warm and not so windblown.

I do have quite a bit of "garden work" to do.  It is time to begin planning the spring plantings and it will soon be time to start the seeds for the early summer so that we don't have to endure the hungry gap.  
More tomorrow....

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