Monday, 12 July 2010

Weeding, as usual, and carrots

The lettuce has grown beautifully and is sweet and lovely to eat...  we should be having more salads.  I wish that they would produce this well in the sumemr when I don't want to cook!
I have been weeding, and weeding and weeding....    yesterday I pulled up three heaped wheelbarrows full of soursobs, stinging nettles and grass...
The chickens are loving it.  They have been rummaging through and getting all of the good bits.

We have been having a few carrots too.  They are really sweet and growing fast....
... as they get fatter they crack the clayey soil... I don't put much of anything in the soil for the carrots, so it remains quite heavy and a bit like glue.  They don't really like rich soil.  It looks like a tiny earthquake!

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