Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Corflutes, leaflets and polling booths.

I just looked at the blog,  and realised that I hadn't added anything since last Tuesday!  How time flies when you're busy with elections.

We have had a bit of rain (about half an inch) and it's been fairly cold.  The weeds are doing well,  and I'm still picking plenty of vegetables for the soup,  for soup is what we are having while I am busy... something like a variation on minestrone which was reputed to be the pot on the stove at monasteries when pigrims arrived unexpectedly.  Soup can always be ready,  increased in volume to feed extras and doesn't require much attention.  And so it is good for electoral candidates!

It's cold outside this morning.  I'm going to do some last corfluting, and write another press release.  After that,  I'd like to sit by the fire and read.  I'm sure that some other demand will turn up by then.  The election will take place on August 21st,   and I can hardly wait!

Post script:  I have just got home from corfluting and while the fire warms up,  I'll comment on what I've been up to.

This is one particularly "cheeky" place to put a corflute,  but as the other two main candidates had used the same pole, right opposite the voting place in Hamley Bridge,  I couldn't help myself....
.... and close-up....   they did put them soooo high up!  (sooo  tempting!)

... sorry about the quality of the photos (taken with my old phone!)
The other interesting sight was the early flowering of the canola...
... this is early August and the canola is well into flowering.  Seems even earlier than last year to me.
Now,  on to get dinner ready and make another batch of bread.

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