Friday, 20 August 2010

Election eve

It has been a busy day and I hate to think what my telephone bill will be!  On top of that,  some of my voting materials have been lost in the post.  That meant a drive of about 5 hours altogether to Adelaide, several suburbs and then to Clare and back to Kapunda....   by the time I got back the Labor party had already decorated part of the voting booth precinct.  However,  I was able to get some pretty good poster spots up.....  

.... here I am,  screwdriver in hand,  and John called this "The Phantom Corfluter" and there are quite a few corflutes around the booth.

We have had intermittent rain all day and it is cold.   While the garden can do with all it can get,  I'm  hoping for a dryish day with no wind for the sake of the people who are working at the polling booths.

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