Monday, 16 August 2010

Potatoes, bees and the carbon tax

It has rained again overnight and I have just added up how much rain we have had recently...  45mm  (nearly two inches) this month.
This morning, it is sunny and cool out there, though lovely in the sunshine.  I am looking forward to Spring and some warmer weather.

There are dog footprints on the potato patch....
....  it won't hurt the potatoes... but is shows how the dogs like to cut across the non-weedy patches when the grass is wet.

I'm checking the broad beans daily....  the bees are busy.  These flowers are apparently harder to get into.
This took some time, a lot of effort and the bee didn't seem to notice me and my camera....

Further down the yard where I have barely begun to weed....
... the artichokes are surrounded by stinging nettles.  These will have to wait until after the election!

The election launches are all over.  Neither of the two parties that are likely to form government have mentioned the climate emergency, carbon emissions or how to reduce them or what might happen if we don't.  

Without significant reductions in carbon emissions, sooner rather than later, it will be difficult to have any effect on the chaotic symptoms of this climate emergency.  The only means of ensuring that people will reduce their emissions that are effecting the climate is to have an effect on their budgets,  a "carbon tax."  Taxes have changed other behaviours....  reducing smoking, drink driving and the consumption of "alcopops" and it will change emissions producing behaviours also.

Our industrial society has used millions of years worth of photosynthetically produced carbon compounds, mostly as fuel, in a few decades.  This is like incurring a debt that will have to be repaid sooner or later if we are to return the climate to what we have collectively experienced over the past few thousand years.  One way or another this will happen.  Either it will be in a managed way,  with carbon emissions being voluntarily reduced...  and significantly,   or it will happen in a more chaotic way with more damage to humans and their infrastructure.

Behaviour change is difficult, but looking at the success with reducing smoking over the past 20 or 30 years,  it can be done.  Making destructive behaviours more costly has worked in the past and it will again.  I think we need a carbon tax and only the Green party is advocating this strategy.  This is one of the reasons that I am a candidate for the Greens in this Federal election.  There are Greens policies in all areas, but this one seems so much more important and urgent that it probably outweighs any others.  I hope that we are not running out of time.


sending flowers said...

When you are working on a niche like agriculture, you need to know more stuff like climate, what can hurts the plants, how to get a better result.

lyrebird said...

good luck tomorrow. the greens certainly get my vote and the votes of my extended family!

Jane said...

Thanks so much, lyrebird.