Saturday, 25 September 2010


This morning the garden is definitely feeling like spring.  The perfumed air would give it away,  even as the sun disappeared behind a cloud while I worked out there, planting a couple of new salvias that I found at the nursery this week.
My borage plant is flowering outside the kitchen window so that I am reminded of it whenever I am washing dishes....
I have usually had borage growing wild in the garden...  it self-seeds readily and returns each spring.  Last year that wasn't to be.  The very hot fortnight in November killed a lot of tiny plants. 
During the winter, I found a borage plant at the nursery... among the herbs... and so I took a chance and planted it.  It was risky, only because it normally dies off during the winter (in the cold) and the new plants germinate in the spring.  This is why I planted it in a protected spot and hoped for the best.  In fact,  we had a winter with no seriously cold nights,  though the days were colder than usual... my borage survived well.  
I like the flowers... a favourite colour... with a hint of the ultramarine blue straight from the tube of paint.
The flowers have been constant in recent weeks.  And now that the weather is warmer,  the seeds are setting.  Most flowers produce four seeds...
....  though some have two or three.
The seeds grow rapidly and within a few days,  they turn black and fall out onto the ground to start the whole thing over again....
I have been trying to collect the seeds so that, rather than a forest of borage by the kitchen window,  I can scatter some osf them further afield and have some borage in the "salvia patch."  I'm sure the bees will be happy here too.

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