Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hens are sitting

It has been a busy weekend... I went to the Barossa market on Saturday morning.  I always enjoy the market, though in fact I have enough food growing in the garden that is even more "fresh and local" than the Barossa.  It always takes longer to shop over there though, as I run into so many people that I know that it takes quite a while.  The most important reason for going there this time was to collect some fertile eggs for my broody chickens to sit on.   A friend of a friend had collected them during the week,  and by now,  I have three sitting hens and the hatching should be some time around Nov 20 - 23.  We'll see.

I have also been to the Kapunda show where I learned about dairy goats, watched the judging of wool and grain crops, watched the horse riding and driving competitions and checked out all of the exhibits in the art, craft and needlework department.

For dinner, I was able to try a new broad bean recipe... with mint, onions and sumac.  Really good, although next time I will add more sumac... it was new to me, so was rather cautious with it.  It tastes very good with the beans and mint combination though,  so I'll try it again.

I have been out in the garden potting on some trees, ready to plant them after the summer.  The zucchini plants are growing fast... and the tiny vegetables are beginning to look like zucchinis.  I found another ladybird today also... on the romano beans... and I couldn't find a single aphid.

The other news today is that I have used up all of my space for photographs on Google and so I can't upload any more without paying for the privelege.  My descriptive language is about to become greatly improved!


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

fiona will be delighted!

Jane said...

I have tried to time it, but one is still at the mercy of the hens, the friend's friends' hens and roosters and the tenacity of my chooks... fingers crossed. There are pictures of the last lot (two years ago) somewhere on facebook. They were 50/50 male and female.... I hope for mostly hens :-)