Friday, 8 October 2010

Messy day, but the vegetables are still coming.

Today I felt as though I wasn't getting much done, until I looked at the list of things that I'd actually achieved.  I finished the brick edging around the potato patch and then assembled another compost pile with weeds, chook poo and straw.  
I mixed a batch of stinging nettle fertiliser with seasol and some multi-minerals (because some of the zucchini plants were looking a little bit yellow)  and sprayed the vulnerable vegetables.
I lit the fire and made some bread, then prepared some ingredients for hamburgers.
Then  I went out to collect the vegetables for the day...
... and today there were carrots, broad beans, kale and spring onions.
Some days there are a series of things that don't seem all that productive, but I suppose that's a part of the gardening life...  it just goes on carefully and quietly... producing food for us.


Nikk said...

Aaah. Kale. My favorite vegetable at the moment. I like to roast it after tossing it in olive oil. 5mins each side, when it turns brittle I sprinkle with some sea salt. It's bloody delicious.

It's amazing the perspective you get on a day if you note the things you've done, rather than thinking of things you haven't . I've stopped writing "to-do" lists, and instead write a "done" list. Much more satisfying.


Jane said...

I like kale too... I grow a couple of differnet kinds.

I am much happier since switching to the "done" lists as well... the others can be a bit intimidating.