Monday, 11 October 2010

Perfumed air

I sleep with my bedroom window open.  Kapunda can be quite cold at night,  even when the days are warm, and last night a cool breeze blew gently through the small gap above my head.  Sleepy,  I could still smell the perfume blowing in.  I remember, half asleep trying to work out what it might be...  there are a few freezias out there... but not enough to be so strong.   There is a quince tree that is flowering profusely...  but this morning it is obvious.... the lilac is flowering...
 ... this is a huge old bush that has some lichen growing on it and all kinds of self-seeded bits and pieces that have come up under it.    The front yard must have been someone's elegant garden at one time,  but not in recent times,  that's for sure.   This lilac bush, and another on the other side of the yard, have been left unattended for many years.  It certainly doesn't mind being neglected!
I have been meaning to take some cuttings from it and start some new plants... this will be the year!

Through the front yard,  there is a pathway to the "smoker's table" and it has been completely overgrown with oxalis this year... plenty of rain seemed to make the weeds grow so well!
 However, today has been the first really warm day for the spring (29C = 84F) and the oxalis has suddenly turned yellow and died off...  it wasn't worth weeding!

I have had to water the vegetables today too.  They are all well mulched,  but in these first few hot days, they need a little bit more care to become acclimatised.

While I was out there,  I did go to see the quince flowers too...
... so little perfume that they certianly didn't contribute to the night-time air.  In the heat, the flowers are rapidly fading from the palest of pinks to a snowy white...  and so it was just the lilac that perfumed the night time air.

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