Monday, 4 October 2010

Sophie Thomson in Burra

This weekend I have been to Burra twice.  
On Saturday,  I went to the opening of the "Art of the Flower" exhibition at the art gallery.  This is one of my favourite exhibitions that comes around annually and I was really pleased to be able to get to the opening.  The photograph sows me with Sophie Thomson who judged, and officially opened the show. The painting behind us, by Jim Dunstan, was the winner... despite the subject matter being a weed.  
I'm glad to have been there... and I drove back again on Sunday (yesterday) for the talk that Sophie gave to interested gardeners in the town.  I drove via Eudunda and Robertstown because there is so little traffic and the area is so beautiful....
Much of the gardening information wasn't all that new,  though it was good to have some of my strategies confirmed by someone who is actually a horticulturist.  Sophie's ideas about "farming the soil",  taking advantage of micro-climates and especially descriptions of our climate in South Australia were very useful.  
Our "Mediterranean" climate means that we have cool wet winters, hot dry summers and veryshort spring and autumn seasons.   In fact,  summer lasts for about six months (mid October until mid April) with the other three seasons squashed into the other six months.  Not only that, but the "planting season" that is normally in spring in other places is really in Autumn here... as soon as the rain begins.  And there was so much more...    if you have the chance to hear her speak,  I would recommend taking advantage of it.
The drive home down the "World's End Highway" was lovely.
One thing that I noticed though,  was that the perfume of the canola had faded in the afternoon... it had been quite strong as I drove towards Burra,  and almost gone on my way home.  
I love these hills...  the Tothill Ranges... and I'll be sad to see a row of wind generators on top of them, but it is only a matter of time,  I'm afraid.

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