Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday exhibition opening

Yesterday it was my day for sitting in the Barossa Regional Gallery.   There is a wonderful exhibition of drawings and photographs from the gold mining area of NSW around Ophir and Hill End. When I am there,  I always stay for the whole day.  It's worth it because, once over there,  it seems much more worth the trip.
This is the view from the desk.... though there are many more paintings in the two rooms available...
 ... it is definitely a great place to spend a day.  Early in the day (on Saturdays anyway) it is quiet and there is plenty of time to look around slowly and think about the works there.
This particular exhibition includes a few drawings from Ken Orchard's sketchbook (2007) including this one that I like.
 I have used the same pen and ink wash to make some drawings in my sketchbook... this one is from Pogonip  (Santa Cruz)....
 As soon as this election is over,  I will be back to drawing at least.  There is a formal opening this afternoon and I will be there!

Earlier this morning I picked some more broad beans.  There are plenty of "greens"  still out there,  but they are  always available, so I don't need to store any.  I have been freezing at least a couple of bags of broad beans every couple of days.
They make a lovely risotto (previous post) and we'll enjoy those later.

The garden is warm this morning and the flowers are looking lovely....
In the front are three Hidcote lavender bushes, an assortment of bulbs and lilies and behind those,  another group of salvias.
On the LHS, the potatoes are looking healthy and spectacular.  The tall yellowe flowering plants behind them are mustard plants, grown from the brown mustard seeds from my spice shelf.

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