Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ashram retreat at Rocklyn.

I have been "off the air" for most of this week because I spent it at an ashram...  in the central highlands in Victoria.  It has been a wonderful place to spend a few days and I have learned quite a lot.  I am not merely motivated to get things done,  but feeling better organised as well.
One of the delights at the ashram was the organic vegetable garden that supplies a significant proportion of the food for the residents there... much the same as my garden does here.  Bits and pieces of that garden did look like my own, though the significant difference in climate was obvious.  There were lots of carrots and onions and leeks and a variety of  brassicas.  One notable difference was the stage of production.  The broad beans there were flowering,  but hadn't begun to produce yet.  The tomato plants were similar, but grown in a glasshouse.  Mine are outside and flowering profusely now.  I didn't see any zucchini plants, though when I arrived home mine are nearly ready to flower.  The difference in temperature is quite significant.  It is about 30C here today and was never above 10C all of last week at Rocklyn.  The constant rain makes quite a difference too.  The lush green grass along all of the roadways and the soft plants and ferns showed how much it rains.  The soil must be much less alkaline than here too...  blueberries are flourishing there...  quite a differnt environment.

This morning was also a "mega garage sale" day in Kapunda.  That meant that the "men's shed" people were out selling "sausage sizzles" as a fund raiser.  I cut up all of the onions.

Home again,  I have washed the dogs and their bedding and I've been out to check all of the garden areas.  Most noticeable today is the sheer population of hover flies that are around the coriander flowers and the rue.  As I walk past the coriander on the way to the clothes line,  the coriander patch sounds like a bee hive!

I still haven't worked out how to add any more pictures to my blog without considerable expense.  There must be a way,  or I may need to pay something to continue with my blog in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Hey jane, you can always load the picture right off of your camera onto the blog and not have it duplicated elsewhere on the web. When you browse for the picture just select it from the camera. That should work. I love the pictures.