Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Chicken worries

I have been out to check on the chickens this morning.  What a shock!  There were only six babies... three black and three pale ones in the nest room...
You can see the nest box which is high up,  and so they have the "run" of this whole patch which is deep in straw.   Finding only these six chicks was a bit of a worry...  I started looking for evidence of rats or something else...nothing.

I heard some more squeaking and followed it to here....
... this part bantam hen had three chickens in another part of the yard altogether!

I had just filled the water container for the little chicks...
... and those little chickens must have climbed over the step and out into the big yard.... past the big water trough (thank goodness none of them fell in!) and into the other chicken room.

It was a relief to find them all in the end... there are still five black ones and four pale, and the foster mothers seem to have three each!

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