Saturday, 20 November 2010

Chicks on day 21.

This has been the biggest hiatus in posting on my blog that I can remember.  I was discouraged by the need to pay for further uploads of photographs.  The other alternative is to move to another blog server...  I have yet to decide.

This week has been spent with visiting family and the disappointment of not being elected to council again.  I am still disappointed, but beginning to see the new opportunities that are available because of the extra time that I will have for myself... the garden... and my hope is that I can get back to painting and art again. (That has taken a back seat during my time on council, the committees and the extra training that I have done.)

This morning the chickens have begin to hatch.  The eggs were collected on Saturday, October 30th, and I put them under the broody hens on that very day, hoping that we would have chicks hatching during the family visit...  and so we have.   So far there are three black ones, one white one and seven more warm eggs on day 21.

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