Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The first lily flower

After the past few hot days, the temperature was down to about 22C overnight and this morning, there are clouds and the humidity is higher.  Grape growers in the Barossa are being warned of 'downy mildew, and so I'll spray my zucchini plants with diluted milk again.  Last night I removed the shade cloth from the gardens (though I've left it in place to be re-installed when neccessary) and this morning, apart from a few "cooked leaves" the vegetables look very healthy.  We are about to begin picking beans (these are romano/borlotti variety.)
I have usually put all of my effort into growing edible plants,  and this year was my first foray into flowers, more herbs and some bulbs, which seem to grow very well here.
Yesterday, the first lily bud looked close to opening and this morning, in the cool humid air... so lovely to walk out without one's feet "cooking" on the bottoms...  the lily had opened during the night...

Previously, I have seen these flowers in flower shops and in spectacular formal flower arrangements, so that it seems such a luxury to have such a flower in the back yard.


Ranjha said...
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avanti singh said...

Beautiful..... :)