Sunday, 7 November 2010

Zucchini flowers and roosters

This morning the sunshine was beautiful outside.
Of course I went out to "check out" the vegetable patch with my coffee and I found the first zucchini flowers of the season.  There are two flowers that are out and both are female, so I won't be getting any zucchinis just yet.... that did remind me of my lack of roosters and my recent need to procure fertile eggs from the friend of a friend.  I'll be seriously thinking about keeping one rooster from the current clutch of eggs... especially if one turns out to be a black australorp, and I know that that is a definite possibility with these eggs.  (Australorps are dominant among the "birth parents" of these eggs.)

The hover flies are plentiful and there are plenty of ladybirds as well.

The other flowers that I've seen today are on the bean plants.  These are a romano variety and I'm waiting for those to produce now as well.
(Borlotti beans, also known as roman beans or romano beans (not to be confused with Italian flat beans, a green bean also called "romano bean"), are a variety of cranberry bean bred in Italy to have a thicker skin. It is very popular in Italian, Portuguese and Turkish cuisine.)

There are plenty of carrots and onions and "greens" right now and the garlic is beginning to wilt... when the leaves dry out,  I'll be digging that as well and I'm hopeful that I'll have enough to last through the winter of 2011.  The tomatoes are flowering and I will be planting the eggplants and capsicum into the garden this week.  We continue to eat well.
I have picked broad beans for dinner again tonight.  There are still a few out there, growing larger by the day,  but the huge daily picking is finished.  I looked back to see when we began to eat them and it was September 22nd when I first picked the small ones that we ate pods and all.  That is almost 7 weeks ago.  The reason that I checked is that it feels like a short season this year.  The daily temperatures are too high now to set any of these beans, but the next bean crop (the romanos mentioned above) should begin soon.  Those are planted in two lots (earlier and late) but I'll need to plant some other varieties now that they are flowering.
As I have remarked before,  it's necessary to plant something every week if one wants to eat every week.

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