Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Garden gnome

I have a garden gnome... 
 .... this gnome lived in the garden before I moved to this house and he has been looking rather the worse for wear.  During a family visit, Fiona has re-painted him and he's looking good.  Her mum helped with his back and her dad painted his blue eyes....  but at last he is looking sooo much better!  He reminds me of a green man. They must run in the family.

Further down the yard,  the lilies are looking wonderful...
... the flowers fade gradually as they age.  There are three different "vintages" here.

Today I picked zucchini, onions, kale, leeks, beans (romano) and I also collected coriander seed to be ground for curries and for seed next winter.
I went to check on the white spider that I found yesterday... it is still out there stalking flies, but there are also a lot of lady birds...  I hope he/she doesn't catch any of those,  but I'm not confident about that.

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