Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I've picked the vegetables for dinner...  pasta with garlic and zucchinis... I might cut them quite small this time and cook them until they're a soggy sauce.
 The plants are still flowering profusely.  There'll be plenty more yet.  I really like these flowers... they would be more popular if they could be picked and displayed, but you have to see them on the plants if you want to see them at all.

The tomatoes are coming along also....  not ready for the pasta sauce yet,  but maybe for Christmas!

I have been checking on the eggplants (they are flowering) and found this ladybird hiding in the middle of this particular plant...

"My" spider is still there, posing in the position described in the article about them... ready to pounce!

Looking for other flowers and spiders,  I found this leek flower...  beautiful.

And still a few locusts...
 ... overnight we had quite a lot of rain, and the locusts appear not to like that.  There was "cricket" noises during the night too, so I wonder whether locusts make those noises also.  Most of them seem to have moved on, but there are a few here still... perhaps there'll be more later in the day... I don't know.

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