Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More zucchini and a sick dog.

Busy day with a sick dog and a demanding goat....   but I did collect the vegetables...
... the closest ones are 24 hours old, and the basket has today's collection.  We are not eating these fast enough,  so I'll be making ratatouille for preserving as soon as I have tomatoes.

Our two dogs are interesting.  The black and white (Jess) is very ill.  Chocko ( smaller kelpie) is young and healthy, if a bit overweight.
Jess is very old (for a dog) and suffering from kidney failure.  It's sad, and who knows how long she will survive, but as long as she is happy,  I'm not too worried.  She sleeps a lot,  seems happy enough most of the time and is now on a low protein diet... lots of vegetables and rice or noodles... not much meat.

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